Graham Marching Band Collection

Welcome supporters of the Graham Marching Band!  The plume on your marching band member's hat automatically makes him or her a unicorn.  As such Graham Marching Band is partnering with to raise money for more things that will help set them apart to better feel and express their uniqueness. will share its profits with Graham Marching Band. 
Additionally marching band members who meet specific sales goals will be rewarded with select merchandise.
Enter the code: GRAHAMBAND2019 at checkout to make sure you money goes towards the Graham Marching Band!
How much will the Graham Marching Band earn by selling each item?
Item Approximate amount donated
T-Shirt Up to $4 per shirt
Hoodie Up to $3 per hoodie
Bomber Jacket Up to $8 per jacket
Mug Up to $2 per mug
Back Pack Up to $3 per bag