Things that Rhyme with Orange Collection

Welcome to the Bridges Academy Orange Team's fundraising page for the 2nd Annual Decathlon.  To raise money, our team, "Things that Rhyme with Orange", has created its own merchandise line.  The profit from any item you purchase on this page will be donated to the Bridges Academy Annual Fund.

Enter the code:  BRIDGESORANGE at checkout, so that your donation counts.  Shipping is free!

Below is a table of how much money will be donated for each item sold:

 Item Amount Donated
Cotton T-Shirt $5
All Over Athletic Shirt
Sweatshirt $4
Hoodie $4
All Over Kid's Shirt $5
Hat $4
Blanket $6
Pillow $2
10x10 Framed Poster $3
Draw String Bag $4
Eco Tote $3
Flip Flops $2
Beanie $2
Phone Case $4
Back Pack $6
Mug $5
Sticker $1