Q:  How does Fundraising work?

A: We work together with designers in your organization to put your logo and designs on products.  This becomes your organization's collection.  We host your collection on our website.  We donate a portion of all of the profits from your sales to your organization.


Q: How can we contact you?

A: Email - .  We will respond to you within 24 hour. 


Q:  What do you need to know about our organization in the email?

A:  Please let us know the following: 

  • What is your organization? 
  • What is your fundraising goal? 
  • What kind of products are you looking to sell in your organization's unique unicorn line on 
  • Do you have any special designs in mind?
  • How many creative minds will be collaborating with our designers to create your organizations product line?


Q: Can you give us an example fundraiser? 

A: Yes.  Check out the designs for Bridge's Academy Team Things that Rhyme With Orange Decathlon Fundraiser Swag Page.


Q:  Who designed the example line?

A:  Our designers collaborated with students from Bridges to create the patterns and decide upon the color scheme and logos.  The team approved the swag line and sold products as part of their school's fundraising efforts.  We then pledged a portion of our profits for that line towards the school's fundraising efforts.


Q:  How much do you usually pledge to an organization's fundraiser?

A:  At least 50% that line's profits.  The amount usually varies based upon the organization's need of our design services.


Q: How much time do you need from beginning to end of each fundraiser?

A:. The time frame varies based upon the how much work is being done by both us and you.  Things will go more expediently if you 1) Provide us with your group's logo. 2) have in mind a particular icon for your group and 3) have an idea for pattern for your group. 

Q: Do you have examples of each of the items listed above?

A: You should notice each of these elements in the example fundraiser above.  The example fundraiser took about 1 month from start to finish.  The school provided us the logo.  A student provided the orange pattern featured on many products.  Our designers came up with the Orange graphic and text combination.  The products of the line were chosen because the nature of the school's event.  An athletic decathlon required team shirts.  Students wanted various options.  They also wanted other orange apparel to commemorate or add to their wardrobe on the decathlon day.

Q: Exactly how much money can we make fundraising with you?

A: Ultimately that is up to you.  These products are a collaborative creative result.  The salespeople are your group.  After we have decided upon upon your products and designs, our special unicorn accountants will provide you with a quote for the amount you should earn from each of the items you sell.  We will provide you with spreadsheet templates for you to keep track of the funds you've raised with us.